TF7 Labs Poison V2 High Stim Pre Workout 33 Serves Preworkout Po Energy Booster


TF7 Labs Poison V2 High Stim Pre Workout 33 Serves Preworkout Po Energy Booster



Product Description

TF7 Poison was created from the need to innovate with something that looked different, this brand originated in England, not from the usual “USA Pre Workout Machine”.

Poison actually contains very few ingredients but in what it does contain it packs a powerful punch including :

  • 12g serve ( 2 scoops )
  • L- Citrulline Malate 4000mg – proven to dramatically improve nitric oxide production in the body during energy to help give you a massive pump.
  • Beta- Alanine 3000mg – proven to help boost Muscle Carnosine synthesis and helping reduce the PH levels in the blood and muscle while exercise while dramatically increasing the level of hydrogen in the Muscle which improves the ability for muscle to contract faster and harder leading to improved baseline strength, but keep in mind the Saturation of Carnosine requires consistent supply of Beta-Alanine over a time frame of days to really see a dramatic effect on strength . We have been using this product at Suppkings for the past 10 days and have found taking it 15 min – 20 min before exercise works best but use it every day for 7 days and you will really unlock the true benefits.
  • AKG 1400mg – Known as Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate does two main things in TF7 Poison Boosts the circulating levels of L-Arginine in the blood to boost muscle Nitrate and Nitrite levels which helps boost vasodilation or capillary blood flow ( Massive Pumps).
  • The additional benefit of AKG specifically is its ability to remove Ammonia from the body ( Ammonia is the by-product of too much protein in the body)  AKG have been shown to dramatically improve the Methylation Ammonia Cycle which leads to the removal of TOXIC Ammonia from the muscle, Ammonia because of its effect on the Citric Acid cycle reduces the pathway for Citrulline and also ATP production so AKG really can help improve the Status environment of the muscle during your workout .
  • Taurine 500mg – Shown to help reduce muscle damage specific to eccentric exercise ( Eccentric Exercise is unfortunate the most damaging part of for example a Bicep curl – Downwards motion ) but because of this damage it also can be the most anabolic form of exercise as long as the body can receive in particular enough Taurine that has been shown to improve muscle recovery specifically damage caused by eccentric exercise . Taurine also plays an important part in helping the brain create new cells and also reduces arterial stiffness which sometimes can be seen from metabolic syndrome.
  • Caffeine 350mg – Almost a normal suspect in any Pre Workout the level of Caffeine although we are unsure as to the type of caffeine we would take a guess and say its Caffeine Anhydrous a dehydrated form of caffeine, from the experience of using this product we would say this as the Energy is Fast and comes hard !

Overall a Great High Pump and Highly stimulating Pre Workout and comes in a cool Jar !! haha give it a crack



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